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At, our mission is to empower remote teams to reach their full potential by providing employer-paid workday perks directly to their doorstep. We understand the importance of fostering a supportive and productive remote work environment, and we believe that small gestures can make a significant difference.

With, employers gain access to a convenient and cost-effective solution for delivering essential perks to their employees' homes every month. We offer a range of perks designed to enhance the remote work experience, making each workday a little brighter.

Our offerings include:

  • Coffee: Whether it's Keurig Pods, Ground Coffee, or Coffee Beans, we ensure your employees have their favorite brew to kickstart their day.

  • Tea: Keurig Pods and Tea Bags provide a variety of tea options to suit different preferences and moments of relaxation.

  • Soda: From Cans to PET Bottles, we offer a selection of refreshing soda options for those well-deserved breaks.

  • Water: Bottled Water and Sparkling Water keep employees hydrated and refreshed throughout their workday.

  • Cereal: Employees can choose their preferred cereal for a quick and nourishing breakfast option.

  • Office Supplies: From Notebooks and Pens to Markers, Staplers, Paper, and Paperclips, we provide essential supplies to support a productive workspace.

At, we understand that creating a positive remote work culture involves more than just meetings and tasks. It's about taking care of your team's well-being and showing appreciation for their efforts. By sending these thoughtfully selected perks directly to their doorstep, employers can make a tangible difference in their employees' daily lives and create a stronger sense of connection within the remote team.

Join us at in enhancing the remote work experience. Let's make every workday exceptional, one doorstep perk at a time.




Contact us at to explore how to set up your team with their perks


At, we understand that teams are productive when they are happy and we strive hard to get each member of your team with their fix of choice. Be it coffee, tea or soda


Our seamless integration solutions can exchange data to get your team fully set up seamlessly. 


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